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Sunday September 22, 2019
Moulton Elementary School
29851 Highlands Ave, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Thank you, Parents, Coaches & Staff for your participation!

Online Pre-Order is Available Now and up to till 24 hours after Photo Day for AYSO Region 41- Laguna Niguel! Don’t forget to write in your Online Code in the box on your envelope!

Go to:

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Don’t Forget to Write Your Order Confirmation # on your Payment Envelope!

Please call or email us with any questions or concerns! [email protected] 1-800-874-9200

The Day Of!

Customer Service Representatives will be there to show sample products, make change, provide additional payment envelopes and answer any parent questions.


Attention Coaches! Team Check In!

  • The Coach/Team Parent will check in their team at the Check In table
  • Coach/Team Parent will collect all payment envelopes and put them in the Team Bag.
  • Once the whole team has arrived, the Coach/Team Mom will line up their team and head over to the Designated Photo Area and report to the Photo Day Runner.


Please have soccer ball ready.


  • Once the Coach/Team Parent checks in with the Photo Day Runner at the Designated Photo Area they will be given a few instructions at that time!


Parent’s Job!

Have your child photo ready including uniform, hair, appearance etc.

AYSO Region 41- Laguna Niguel Sunday, September 22 Moulton Elementary School
Please arrive 15 minutes. Have envelope or No Buy (League Package Only) slip completed.
Time Team Name Division Head Coach
10:00 AM 14U Boys-01 (Nichols) 14U Boys Brittany Nichols
12U Boys-01 (Roxby/Bartolome) 12U Boys Jason Roxby
12U Boys-02 (Connelly/Nabi) 12U Boys Chris Connelly
10:10 AM 12U Girls-01 (Nichols / Debusk) 12U Girls Brittany Nichols
12U Girls-02 (Robinson / Madrid) 12U Girls Rod Robinson
10U Boys-EXTRA (Canfora/Jones) 10U Boys EXTRA Heather Canfora
10:20 AM 10U Boys-01 (Pinkerton / Kalantari) 10U Boys Adam Pinkerton
10U Boys-02 (Kia / Hudnall) 10U Boys Ali Kia
10U Boys-03 (Montano / Ireland) 10U Boys Brayan Montano
10:30 AM 10U Boys-04 (Owens) 10U Boys Jennifer Owens
10U Boys-05 (Reiter / Waitkus) 10U Boys Peter Reiter
10U Girls-01 (Daneshmand / Hegarty) 10U Girls Ali Daneshmand
10:50 AM 10U Girls-02 (Stainer / Sommer) 10U Girls Kyle Stainer
10U Girls-03 (Cornell / Valles) 10U Girls Nicole Cornell
10U Girls-04 (Kanaan / Colbert) 10U Girls Samer Kanaan
11:10 AM 10U Girls-05 (Way / Dober) 10U Girls Spencer Way
8U Boys-01 (Lu / Gingrich) 8U Boys Willie Lu
8U Boys-02 (James /Potok) 8U Boys David James
11:20 AM 8U Boys-03 (Cohen) 8U Boys Ron Cohen
8U Boys-04 (Connelly) 8U Boys Chris Connelly
8U Boys-05 (Anfuso / Cottrell) 8U Boys Geoffry Anfuso
11:30 AM 8U Boys-06 (Kovach/Crowe) 8U Boys Rich Kovach
8U Girls-01 (Costales/Farmer) 8U Girls Jennifer Costales
8U Girls-02 (Longstreet) 8U Girls Alyssa & Grant Longstreet
11:40 AM 8U Girls-03 (Wallentine) 8U Girls Jonathan Wallentine
8U Girls-04 (Bowman / Small) 8U Girls Gina Bowman
8U Girls-05 (Ryan / McKelvie) 8U Girls Matt Ryan
11:50 AM 8U Girls-06 (Barrett / Larson) 8U Girls Andrew Barrett
8U Girls-07 (To / White) 8U Girls Dinny To
7U Boys-01 (Chatman) 7U Boys Marcus Chatman
12:00 PM 7U Boys-02 (Gillard / Ticatch) 7U Boys Gerald Gillard
7U Boys-03 (Loredo / Colbert) 7U Boys Isaac Loredo
7U Boys-04 (Charay / Kazarian) 7U Boys Justis Charay
12:10 PM 7U Boys-05 (Adamo) 7U Boys Mark Adamo
7U Boys-06 (Kinnier) 7U Boys Nick Kinnier
7U Boys-07 (Daum / Schmiesing) 7U Boys Mick Daum
12:20 PM 7U Boys-08 (Bray) 7U Boys Paul Bray
6U Boys-01 (Buchanan) 6U Boys Krisitin Buchanan
6U Boys-02 (Sackrison / Foss) 6U Boys Sheryl Sackrison
12:30 PM 6U Boys-03 (Gavin / Hackett) 6U Boys Padraig Gavin
6U Boys-04 (Rich/Potok) 6U Boys Michael Rich
6U Boys-05 (Wallentine) 6U Boys Jonathan Wallentine
12:40 PM 6U Boys-06 (Nazeri / Spitler) 6U Boys Omid Nazeri
6U Boys-07 (Conk) 6U Boys Will Conk
6U Girls-01 (Owens/Bunge) 6U Girls Jenn Owens
12:50 PM 6U Girls-02 (Keseric / Scotten) 6U Girls Peter Keseric
6U Girls-03 (Alford / Alex) 6U Girls Brett Alford
6U Girls-04 (Bishop / Woodward) 6U Girls Brian Bishop
1:00 PM 5U Boys (2015) Schoolyard 5U Boys
5U Girls (2015) Schoolyard 5U Girls

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