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Referees Calendar

Register at

Each year before the season begins, referees need to register online at, print 2 copies of the forms, sign them and mail them in.  If you volunteered last season, chances are that we have a pre-printed form for you to sign at any of the Walk-In Registrations.  Your confidential information is not visible on the form whether you print the forms or we do.  You can trust that this information is kept in the strictest of confidence.

AYSO 41 Volunteers 
PMB 268, PO Box 30012
Laguna Niguel, CA  92607-0012

 Train or upgrade your badge

Training is provided by and/or  funded by Ayso 41 (Laguna Niguel).  Information is available on the Area 11-L website, the national website and from the Regional Referee Administrator:

The RRA will email and post information about the New Referee Meeting as well as the Returning Referee Meeting.   Referees are responsible for purchasing their own cleats, but uniforms and gear are provided at no cost to the volunteer and usually distributed at the Referee Meetings.


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History Of AYSO

The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) was established in the Los Angeles area in 1964 with nine teams. It was the dream of a group of devoted soccer enthusiasts who started the organization in a garage. Today, AYSO has more than 50,000 teams and more than 650,000 players.