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Welcome to AYSO Soccer.  Laguna Niguel Region 41 has been a part of AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) since 1973 and has included such soccer greats at Julie Foudy.  We partner with 9 other cities in the Saddleback Valley to form gaming circuits and host tournaments for some 22,000 AYSO players!

Practices are generally held once or twice a week with games on the weekends.  Some exceptions are the U5 Jamboree and the U6 divisions, which practice and play during their game time on Saturdays.  Practices will begin in August and the games begin after Labor Day (early September).  Laguna Niguel has wonderful fields in the parks and at the schools.  Most of the divisions will get to test their mettle against the other regions in the neighboring cities in Saddleback Valley as we have the luxury of having 10 cities that work together.

Need Registration information?  Fall registeration is in the spring and early summer so that we have plenty of time to prepare the rosters and train the coaches and referees.  The fall soccer season begins shortly after Labor Day in September and runs through November.

Everyone at the regional level is a volunteer - all the administrative staff, the referees and the coaches volunteer their time to give the children in the Laguna Niguel area a great experience.

Parents, too, play a vital part in their child's soccer experience!  Remember, the reason most children play sports is to HAVE FUN.   Kids want and need encouragement from their parents!  We have developed a "Zero Tolerance Policy" to help you understand your important role.

In AYSO, we want the parents to have fun, too!

AYSO has prepared some materials to help you better understand the game.  Check out the parents' manual you'll receive at the Walk-In Registrations, or better yet, volunteer to coach or referee to really learn the game!

To have proper expectations of  your child's level of participation, check out this U5-12 Objectives & Ball Sizes.  Players are divided into different playing divisions based upon their birthdates using August 1st as the start date of each division.   Note that children may "play up" a division, with the approval of the Division Directors and Regional Commissioner, but may not "play down" with younger children.  Use this chart to see the age breakdowns of the divisions.

The VIP Program for the special needs players is co-ed and is split into three age levels: Upper, Tweener, Lower.  There is no age cap on the Upper Level.  If you ever need a "pick-me up", go watch the VIP teams play some weekend!

You will want your child to have the right equipment - including a soccer ball.  And it is important that shin guards and soccer cleats fit well.  Local sports stores and the AYSO Store can help with getting the right fit.  You might check out stores selling "used" sporting equipment and discount stores.  Your child will need shorts and several pairs of soccer socks that are worn over the shin guards.  AYSO will provide a jersey, shorts, and team socks which you will get from your coach.

If you want more information about soccer rules or AYSO, please visit the informative website.

History Of AYSO

The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) was established in the Los Angeles area in 1964 with nine teams. It was the dream of a group of devoted soccer enthusiasts who started the organization in a garage. Today, AYSO has more than 50,000 teams and more than 650,000 players.